If your question is not answered below or you would like to discuss hosting a student project, we would like to hear from you. Please get in touch on the details below.

Please contact Business Development Manager Rhoda Watson on:

Projects typically start anytime from the end of May through to September; exact timescales will depend on the individual Masters programme.

There is no cost to organisations, however, there is an expectation that organisations provide expenses for travel/accommodation/international calls where needed. A time commitment is something that you will need to consider. Depending on the project, students will need access to things such as information, interviews, surveys. This will vary according to the project and methods used.

Some organisations like to provide a bursary to the students to compensate for extra work needed or to make the opportunity more attractive to students. Any money whether expenses or bursary would need to go directly to the student (it doesn’t come through the University).

There is no one answer to this, it will be dependent on the nature of the project and location of the organisation. Typically, at least one or two visits to the host organisation would be needed at the very least.

No, we are unable to guarantee that all project opportunities will be taken up by students. The Business Development Manager will be able to help advise ways in which this situation can be avoided, for example, though appropriate wording of project specifications.

Yes, all opportunities will need to be checked by a Management School member of staff to make sure they are academically suitable. It is important to remember, whilst a student can provide an organisation with fresh insight and expertise, they are still going through a learning process.

It is important to manage expectations within the organisations about what can realistically be delivered by a student within this timeframe. Please discuss your student project ideas with the Business Development Manager, and they will be able to help explore what is possible, and any boundaries to the project.

All students will have an academic supervisor who is there to make sure the project is meeting academic requirements and to ensure the student’s development is going along the right lines. If the students face any issues that you are unable to help within the organisation, then direct them to their supervisor in the first instance.

We would ask that all organisations provide a ‘project champion' or contact within the organisation who can help the student with any information needed, provide contact details, make introductions where necessary and support the student within the organisation.

The Management School and course leaders also provide development sessions for the students to help them successfully complete their projects. As a minimum, each student will take part in a project preparation session and a development session on how to provide feedback on project completion.

If you have any concerns about the student and/or the project and feel unable to address these with the student directly, please do contact the Business Development Manager to discuss your query or concerns.

Where possible, it is good practice for students to deal with any problems or concerns directly with the organisation themselves, as this forms part of the valuable learning process. However, it is vital that your organisation knows that the Management School is there to provide support and advice when needed.