Businesses: Welcome to the Gateway at Sheffield University Management School.

Host a student project.

Students can work with your company on a business issue or challenge set by you as the host organisation.

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Engage on campus.

Meet our students and expose your organisation to your future employees.

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Partnerships that achieve more

Working with Sheffield University Management School is both easy and rewarding. We encourage leaders from all business sectors to work with us, to benefit your organisation and help to make a difference to society.

Opportunities to engage with us include hosting student projects and internships, mentoring, delivering guest lectures, and recruiting our talented students and alumni into your organisation. Our world-leading academics can also provide you with expert knowledge and access to resources, to help you find solutions to your business issues. Find out more from the options below.

Working with our students

Host a student project

Students can work with your company on a particular issue or challenge set by you as the host organisation, and guided by us, on a project over the summer period.

Provide a student placement

A placement is when a student takes employment in a job role during their study time, either over a year or over a shorter period during the summer.

Engage on campus

Engaging with students on campus is a great way to gain exposure of your organisation and to create a talent pipeline to your future employees.

Recruit students and graduates

Employing a Sheffield University Management School student or graduate can inject your organisation with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

Examples: working with students

Over recent years we have welcomed many organisations to work with our students through guest talks, workshops, and events. Here are a few examples.

Further support: working with students

Alongside Sheffield University Management School, the University’s Careers services also supports businesses looking to work with students.

Developing you and your business

Our expertise

Our specialist academics provide tailored research and consultancy resources that can help you find the best solutions for your organisation.

Toolkits and impact

In collaboration with businesses, toolkits and platforms have been designed to help implement effective and positive change, on organisations and the wider economy.

Executive Education

Stay ahead of the game. Empower your organisation and its people through our Executive Education offer.


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