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Working with Sheffield University Management School is both easy and rewarding. Our approachable academics and flourishing students provide many opportunities for collaborative projects, benefitting your organisation, and helping to make a difference to society.

We encourage leaders from all business sectors to work with us. Opportunities to engage with our students and graduates include hosting a student project, providing an internship, meeting students on campus by delivering a guest lecture, and recruiting our talented alumni into your organisation. Our world-leading academics can provide you with expert knowledge and access to resources, to help you find solutions to your business issues, and collaborate on real impactful research.

Working with our students

Host a student project

Each year our Masters and MBA students undertake a research project, set by you as the host organisation, as part of their dissertation. Find out more about hosting a student project at the Management School.

Provide a student placement

A student placement is when a student takes employment in a job role (usually paid) during their study time at Sheffield. There are different types of placement opportunities to suit your business need.

On campus activity

Engaging with students on campus is a great way for you to expose your organisation to our students, and for you to speak to and get to know your potential future employees.

Working with our academics

Our expertise

Our academics work on complex multi-disciplinary issues across all areas of business, focusing on the themes of: Sustainability, Accounting and Finance, Enterprise, Marketing, Work Psychology, Logistics, and Employment Relations. Find out more in this section.


Working in collaboration with industry partners, toolkits and platforms have been designed at the Management School, to help organisations implement effective and positive change on their organisations and the economy. This section shows some of our latest toolkits available.


The case studies in this section showcase some of our academics’ most impactful work. Each case study illustrates how the school maximises the reach and significance of our research through a focused approach – therefore achieving widespread impact on organisations and society.


Collaboration for Inclusion: Social Inclusion Works

Social inequalities affect us all. From a social and economic perspective, collaboration between organisations and researcher...

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Entrepreneurship conference showcases regional business expertise

A conference hosted by Sheffield University Management School (SUMS) is taking full advantage of the city region’s vibrant bu...

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International Business Management students progress through UK competition

A team of five BA International Business Management students have reached the UK semi-finals of a prestigious international c...

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Provide a student placement: 100 hour postgraduate advantage scheme

Speakers for Accounting, Banking and Finance Careers Discovery Series

Speakers for the HR & People Development Careers Discovery Series


​CRAFiC Research Seminar: Media Deterrence and Illegal Insider Trading Prior to Merger Announcements with Prof Jo Danbolt

Research Seminar: 'Publishing your research' with Professor Chris Chapman

CRAFiC Research Seminar: Extinction Accounting in European Zoos? with Professor Gunnar Rimmel