Meet our alumni

We love hearing from and getting to know alumni of Sheffield University Management School. Succeeding in a range of professions across the globe, often gaining a wealth of life and career experience along the way, your alumni stories are fascinating! Here you can read a collection of profiles, career journeys and alumni stories, to get to know our alumni too.

Career journeys

Sheffield University Management School alumni go on to succeed in a range of careers; from Management Trainee at L’Oréal to the CEO of Seabrook Crisps, and from vintage clothes start-up businesses to the Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, our alumni hold professional business roles across the globe.

Here are some of our alumni who have featured on our Catalyst blog, and their career journeys so far at the time we caught up with them:

Alumni of Sheffield University Management School often have fascinating stories to tell. Their experiences are unique, grounded in a wealth of knowledge and steeped in character and wisdom. That’s why we love staying in touch with you throughout your alumni journey.

Here we share a collection of some of our featured alumni telling their stories for you to enjoy: