Events in review

Your global network of Management School alumni has more than 12,000 members across over 100 countries. We try to meet as many of you as possible by hosting alumni events and reunions around the world. In recent years we have hosted events in London, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Lagos, Taiwan, New Delhi, Mumbai and here in Sheffield. We have also hosted alumni guest speakers who have delivered inspiring talks to our students and alumni audiences. Below you can see some of our alumni events in review.

Sheffield Alumni in London Network (UK)

The Management School, the Department of Economics and the School of Law have co-hosted a range of fun and entertaining alumni engagement events for the Sheffield Alumni in London Network. Since the launch event in 2014 we've held a variety of events including:

Northern Alumni Network (UK)

Launched in 2017, the Northern Alumni Network aims to connect regional alumni with the Management School and each other. Since the launch, we have partnered with the Department of Economics and the School of Law, offering a richer networking opportunity.

International alumni events

Throughout the year, several of our academic and professional services staff travel around the world on business. When and where ever possible, we enjoy meeting up with alumni and friends of the Management School. Cities we have visited over recent years include Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Lagos, Taiwan, New Delhi, and Mumbai,

Some of our previous international alumni events and reunions include:

For a list of all upcoming events from Sheffield University Management School see our Events Page here.