Marketing Agent at Casamona International

Where: Spain

Deadline: November 15, 2019

Type: Placement Year

About the Company:

Main business: : Construction and property

Casamona International is a Real Estate company in Barcelona, founded in 2004, offering unique and different flats for Sale and for Rent. We have a large international client base and a team from all around the world. We differentiate ourselves by only having “casas monas”; cosy homes, which we would like to live in ourselves.

We offer the advantage of being an small and dynamic company. Our interns have a great deal of autonomy and freedom to make changes from day one in a truly international environment. It requires you to be able to work independently and to take on a lot of responsibilities. Normally, Casamona takes between 10-12 interns from all over the world, making Casamona a very diverse place to work. Our vision is to work as a team and create a long lasting bound with our clients.

About the Role:

In the marketing position you have the opportunity to start your own projects, learn about portals and platforms in real estate.


For this role it is a MUST to have experience or knowledge about marketing. You should have knowledge at least of two of the following topics:

  • Blogging and Wordpress:

It will be your duty to sell Casamona as a unique brand through innovative blogging and social media updates. If you are interested in this positions, you have to have a good writing and research skills, in English. If you apply to this position, we will ask you to write a piece of content after the interview. We will give you topic to showcase your writing abilities.

  • IT & SEO Skills:

It is important to have a knowledge in SEO and programming skills. We need someone to help us to improve our google position and solved any technical difficulties from the website

  • Photographer - Video & Graphic Design:

We need someone who knows how to take good quality pictures and videos of our apartments and make them look amazing on our website. Must know any graphic design program like Photoshop, Illustrator, I-movie, Final cut Pro.

How to Apply:

For more information and to apply please visit Career Connect and search Reference ID 'NN77O'