Recruit students and graduates

Employing a Sheffield University Management School student or graduate through an internship, part-time or graduate role, can inject your organisation with fresh ideas and enthusiasm. With a talent pool of undergraduate, postgraduate and MBA strong students, we can advertise your vacancy to help you meet your business needs.

Our students

Typically, a Management School Undergraduate will have studied a degree in Business Management (sometimes with a language), or Business or Accounting alongside another subject such as Economics. They will have studied relevant and up-to-date theory as well as developing a critical understanding from applying theory to real-business situations. Many of our undergraduates will have practical working experience from undertaking summer placements and part-time work during their studies, as well as year-long placements in industry. The Employability Hub ensures that students have had the chance to network with our industry partners in a professional environment, and that they are well-prepared for the relevant aspects of the application process.

By the time our Postgraduate taught (MSc) students have graduated, they are globally aware, work-ready and prepared for the competitive professional market. Many of our masters courses offer students the opportunity to undertake an organisational project, giving them real-world work experience with our corporate partners to solve a real business issue. Whilst MSc graduates will be specialists in their chosen fields, they'll also have critical understanding of ‘the bigger picture.’ With a programme of choice guest speakers, it's important that our students hear from current leaders at the top of their game, as well as having many opportunities to network with our flourishing business and alumni community to begin building their own professional networks.

Excelling in the three core challenges of modern business, MBA Graduates are fully equipped in entrepreneurship, leadership, and consultancy to spearhead the business world of tomorrow. Sheffield’s applied approach ensures that our MBA delegates have the skills that leaders need – the ability to analyse, innovate and implement change, whilst also benefitting from cutting-edge knowledge which is embedded in our teaching. With an already impressive career in business, delegates build on their practical experience by undertaking assignments in collaboration with our industry partners, and the possibility of competing a dissertation within an organisational setting. As graduates of our executive education programme, MBAs have access to a ready-made network of global connections and opportunities from fellow MBA alumni and the School's corporate partners.

Employing those who have continued in education beyond first degree by carrying out independent research, can bring many benefits to an organisation. Our PhD students at Sheffield University Management School join our community of scholars, have been engaged in outstanding socially responsible research, and fully equipped for a successful career in academia or industry.

Vacancies and opportunities from employers are advertised to our students and graduates through our online portal, Career Connect. As an organisation you can submit your details to begin advertising your roles. Create and submit your details through Career Connect.

Student projects

A student project at the Management School is when a masters student (MSc or MBA) carries out their research dissertation project, as part of their studies, within an organisational setting. Hosting a student project can be a cost-effective way of gaining skills to help complete a business challenge or task and is a great way to access our student and future graduate talent. Students can work with your company on a particular issue or challenge set by you as the host organisation, and guided by us, for a period of around three to four months.

A student project can:

  • Be a cost-effective solution to help progress a business challenge
  • Provide support for around three to four months
  • Create a pipe line to student and graduate talent

If this would suit your business needs, you can read more information or contact us to discuss your idea:

Student placements

A student placement is when a student takes employment in a job role (usually paid) during their study time at Sheffield. Most students are eligible to undertake a year-long placement, in the UK or overseas, usually at the end of their 2nd or penultimate year. Placements normally last a minimum of 38 weeks and students are supported by the University throughout the duration of their placement.

Employing a Management School student through a placement can provide your organisation with many benefits.

  • It's an opportunity to gain fresh ideas and enthusiasm
  • A chance to access up to date management theory, skills, and knowledge
  • A placement student can help you complete a business project
  • It can help you create a talent pipeline for future
  • It's a route into a leading UK research-led institution

If this would suit your business needs, you can read more information or contact us to discuss your idea:

RISE support for SMEs

RISE is a unique business support initiative focussed on enabling small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) to grow through the employment of graduate talent.

RISE has been effective in helping SMEs overcome the barriers faced in graduate recruitment and equipping them with the tools and know-how to become successful graduate employers.

Since 2013 RISE has supported more than 400 regionally based SMEs successfully recruit over 500 graduates. Many of those businesses have gone on to report increases in turnover, productivity, innovation and growth as a result. The enhanced RISE project now provides even more comprehensive business support and business benefits.

Is my business eligible?

To be eligible your business must:

  • Be an SME based in the Sheffield City Region
  • Currently employ fewer than 250 people
  • Not already be routinely employing graduates
  • Be looking to create new/additional graduate-level jobs

If RISE sounds like it could be right for you, please read further information on our university Support for smaller businesses pages.

Vacancies and opportunities from employers are advertised to our students and graduates through our online portal, Career Connect. As an organisation you can submit your details to begin advertising your roles.