Summer placements

Management School students can also be available during the summer for 8 to12-week long placement opportunities within a company. These placements are usually aimed at 2nd year students, but we encourage all levels to gain summer employment experience where possible.

The benefits of recruiting a student to work for you on a summer placement are similar to those of a year-long placement:

  • The opportunity to gain fresh ideas and enthusiasm from a motivated individual
  • Benefit from up to date Management practice and skills
  • Cost effective recruitment solution
  • Low risk
  • An opportunity to make early contact and assess placement students for possible employment beyond graduation
  • Creation of links with a leading UK research-led institution.

There are a few things you need to think about when it comes to offering a summer placement to students:

Throughout the placement: There should be someone available to line manage the student for the entirety of the placement, and you will need to consider the job-role of the placement; is it suitable for an undergraduate? What are their key activities and projects of the placement. Do you have adequate insurance and health & safety in place?

Job role: What are the activities and projects that will make up the placement and are these an appropriate level for an undergraduate/postgraduate student?

Policies: Do you have adequate insurance and health & safety in place?

Time: Summer placements can usually take place between June - August for between 8-12 weeks.

If you or your company feels that a summer placement year is something you would like to offer to a Management Student, please get in touch with our Employability team to discuss at