Types of placements available

Without the networking I did on my placement I would be very much stuck with what to do post-graduation, as well as being unaware of a huge number of career opportunities.

Dan Radcliffe BA Business Management with employment experience 2016, placement at Microsoft

As an undergraduate student at Sheffield University Management School, you have the option to convert your degree into a ‘Degree with Employment Experience.’ Organisations that Management School students take a placement year in industry with typically include; L'Oréal, Disney, Rolls-Royce, HP, Microsoft, SAP, and Hewlett Packard.


If you are a PGT student, you may have the opportunity to do a placement or internship as part of your degree, or immediately afterwards. You may also be a PhD student wanting to do a placement or internship that is not part of your PhD.


The Postgraduate advantage scheme is exclusive to taught postgraduate students. It is a 100-hour internship in which you can gain essential practical work experience, as well as conducting research relevant to your dissertation.


The summer between either your first and second year, or second and third year, is a great opportunity to gain some employment experience. Summer placements, sometimes referred to as internships, are usually structured 8 - 12 week placements within a company, taking place between June and August.


On CampUS Placements is coordinated by the Careers Service to help you enhance your employability skills through offering paid, project-based placements with academic and professional services departments within the University.

Your placement will last for 100 hours – a maximum of 16 hours per week during term time - and you will be paid a bursary of £1000 for the 100 hours. By working on an On CampUS Placement you will be contributing to the development of projects around the University whilst learning new and valuable skills which will in turn enhance your CV for future employment.

Placements are available to undergraduate and taught postgraduate students from all degree disciplines and could include market research, events management, social media strategy, degree related research and much more.

On CampUS Placements will be advertised on Career Connect at the start of each academic year.


Whilst there are lots of placement opportunities in the UK, there are also year-long placements available around the world. If you are thinking about going overseas there are a few extra things you need to think about, so make sure you read all of the information about Placement and Overseas placements.


For more information on placements, see the Careers Service website or book an appointment with a Placement Adviser through your Career Connect account: