Employability passport

A series of Development Sessions must be completed to attain an Employability Passport.

All students who would like to apply to do a company project must attend the following series of Development Sessions to attain a complete Employability Passport:

  1. Introduction to projects workshop: In this session you will learn about what a company project is, the application process, what to expect during and after your project, guidance around business etiquette, and support and advice to help you prepare for a company project.
  2. How to network: This session will cover what to say, when to say it, how to approach the person you want to speak to and how to manage the conversation.
  3. Networking: This can be an event where employers have been present and you have taken the opportunity to network with them, building upon your communication and networking skills.
  4. Applications and interviews: The Management School will arrange a number of applications and interview preparation workshops which you can attend. Alternatively, students can attend a similar workshop in this area from the central Careers service.
  5. Communication and negotiation: The Management School will arrange a number of communication and negotiation workshops which students can attend.

You can find information about and book on the above workshops here.

When the passport is complete, you will be eligible to apply for company projects. If you are selected for a project, you will also be required to attend an Organisation Feedback Preparation Workshop and deliver post-project feedback to your host organisation.

Please note that you are not guaranteed a company project even after completion of this passport, however, the development sessions will help build valuable employability skills for your future.