Applying for a project

All Management students eligible for a student project will be invited to apply. The application process for the 2018-19 projects is outlined below:

  1. Projects advertised: Project specification form outlining background of organisation, details of project opportunity, required skills, type of feedback they want (expenses and bursaries).
  2. Project selection: Three projects maximum, only go for opportunities open to your course (projects may be limited), have an open mind but only apply for projects you want to take up.
  3. Project application form: About yourself (sell yourself), about the projects (consider what is realistic to propose), other options.
  4. Internal interview selection: Students will be shortlisted, then interviewed by SUMS staff and put forward for projects.
  5. External meeting: Students put forward for projects will have a meeting with the host organisation.

To be eligible to do a company project, you will need to undertake the activities outlined below, with the indicated weightings:
(An average of 60% is needed in all the weighted activities to be eligible.)

  • Employability Passport
  • Interview 60%
  • Application 20%
  • Semester 1 academic marks* 20%

*If you fail one or more module(s), your course director will be consulted to assess your eligibility to undertake a project.