Sustainable Marketing at Green Works Africa

Where: Tanzania

Deadline: August 14, 2019

Type: Placement Year

About the Company:

Main business: : Environment and conservation

Green Works Africa Ltd is a Tanzanian private limited company focusing on sustainable products manufacturing and sales. Our main products are Solar Power Systems, Composting Dry Toilets and Water Purification systems.

Our main target area is rural Tanzania and schools.

We are expanding company that along the sales is performing community training and advocacy using social media outlets. We also perform advocacy and training and education programs for the village communities.

About the Role:

Green Works Africa Limited is an emerging Tanzanian company focusing on solar systems, sanitation, and clean water. Our target groups are households and the Government of Tanzania.

We are employing both Tanzanian and International students for internship, volunteering and thesis work.

The placement options in Marketing and Management sector are typically including social media marketing, market research work, grant, and bank funding applications, micro-financing and advocating small entrepreneurship to rural area women and youth.

Management duties include the development of sales networks and education of the staff and managing our social approach work in the village level advocacy.

Thereon we have various business-oriented tasks as accounting and stock management work.

The program is ongoing so you can apply at any time.

How to Apply:

For more information and to apply please visit Career Connect and search Reference ID 'QW23Z'