Business Operations Management Placement 2020 at Toyota Manufacturing (UK) LTD

Where: England - East Midlands

Deadline: November 4, 2019

Type: Placement Year

About the Company:

Main business: : Engineering and manufacturing

There are two manufacturing plants in the UK representing a total investment in excess of £2.2 billion and currently approximately 3,400 members (including Agency) are employed. The vehicle manufacturing plant is located at Burnaston in Derbyshire, the engine manufacturing plant is located at Deeside in North Wales.

About the Role:

Everything starts and stops with Logistics. Join us here and you'll be at the centre of our manufacturing operation bringing the world-famous Toyota Production System (TPS) to life.

This is your chance to learn about concepts like jidoka and just-in-time first-hand from the company that pioneered them. TPS is a lean manufacturing system designed to eliminate waste, reduce costs and keep lead times down. It was developed between 1948 and 1975 out of two concepts:

The first is called jidoka (which loosely translates as "automation with a human touch") - this means that when a problem occurs, production stops immediately, preventing defective products.

The second concept is just-in-time, in which each process produces only what is needed by the next, and so on, in a continuous flow.
Where Toyota has led the way, other manufacturers have followed. You'll find that many universities teach TPS today as a proven operations management system

Working in Production Control you are key to our supply chain management, so you'll be involved in a number of projects whereby you'll be working with external suppliers, liaising with our members on the shop floor, and overall ensuring that the plant functioning is in line with our key Toyota philosophies. It's a pivotal role within our manufacturing plant which requires students to show initiative, resilience and confidence. It is a challenging and fast-paced role but invaluable in the skills it can give you.

How to Apply:

For more information and to apply please visit Career Connect and search Reference ID '7VXZ6'