Le Wagon Coding Bootcamp: Build a landing page in 2 hours

About the Session:

Build a landing page in 2 hours (beginner)

Join the workshop and explore the world of web development, where we'll teach you to code and design your own landing page using HTML and CSS. A landing page allows you to guide web traffic into your business with a clear call-to-action. You'll learn two key skills:

- Basic HTML - the language that defines the structure and content of your web page.

- Basic CSS - the language that gives style to HTML elements. Without CSS, web pages would all be black and white!

Students are required to bring their own laptops!


This event will take place in the Trading Room, Management School.

To book:

Please book your place using the online booking form.

Event Details

When: March 20, 2019 at 1:00pm—3:00pm

Where: Trading Room Conduit Road, Sheffield, S10 1FL

Type: Student

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