IWP Research Seminar: Exploring the conditions of work and contextual mechanisms that influence return-to-work following work-related injury in a cohort of patient care workers in the United States with Dr Susan Peters

This research seminar is hosted by the Institute of Work Psychology (IWP) at Sheffield University Management School.


Susan Peters, PhD is currently working as a post-doctoral fellow at the Harvard Center for Work, Health and Wellbeing. Prior to her post-doc, Susan completed her PhD in Health Sciences at The University of Queensland, Australia.  She also brings over 15 years clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist, working with workers to help them return-to-work. Her research focuses on two main lines of inquiry: (1) how to prevent injury and ill-health in the workforce, and, (2) how to maintain workers with an injury or ill-health in meaningful work.  Susan builds on her early doctoral work which focused on the factors influencing return to work following upper extremity injuries, to now explore the mechanisms that influence return-to-work in a cohort of patient care workers in the US. 


The purpose of this interactive presentation is to describe the study’s aims and discuss proposed methods for a project funded to commence in 2019.  This study will use a mixed methods approach aiming to: 
examine the relationships between the conditions of work, individual worker factors, and other potential mechanisms in the RTW process that influence RTW outcomes following a work-related injury in a cohort of Boston hospital PCWs; 
(2) explore the RTW experiences of workers, and key RTW stakeholders through qualitative enquiry; and,
(3) synthesize the findings from Aims 1 and 2 to generate theories grounded in the qualitative data that may explain the quantitative data patterns observed.  
Further research is planned to develop and test recommendations to improve return-to-work policies and processes.


  • 12.30 - 13.00 Light lunch in Meeting Room 1 (D Floor)

  • 13.00 -14.00 Talk takes place in Meeting Rooms 1 (D Floor)

Event Details

When: January 3, 2019 at 12:30pm—2:00pm

Where: Conduit Road, Sheffield, S10 1FL

Type: Alumni, Student, Business

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