Perspectives on ethical and sustainable luxury: Thought leaders forum

The Thought Leaders Forum is hosted in partnership with the Academy of Marketing and the Centre for Research in Marketing and Society (CReiMS) at Sheffield University Management School.


The phenomenon of ethical and sustainable luxury production and consumption is not well understood, despite the fact that the luxury sector is starting to pay increasing levels of attention to ethical/sustainable production and the communication of ethical/sustainable product features (Winston, 2016). Whilst a significant amount of research exists on ethical/sustainable commodity purchases, research suggests that findings cannot necessarily be transferred to luxury consumption (Davies et al., 2012). For example, it has been discussed that consumers may generally perceive sustainability (as a function of a product) and luxury (as an emotional response to aesthetic) as incompatible concepts (Kapferer and Michaut-Denizeau, 2014; Striet and Davies, 2013). So far, a large gap exists in our understanding of, and the development of, ethical/sustainable consumption in the €1tn global luxury market (Kollewe, 2015). Therefore, the Thought Leaders Forum focuses on the compatibility of ethical/sustainable and luxury production and consumption.


Submissions are welcomed from a variety of theoretical, methodological, and disciplinary perspectives, as long as they are in line with the topic.

Please submit an Extended Structured Abstract with the following sections (maximum word count per section: 100 words):

1) Research Purpose

2) Theoretical Background

3) Methods

4) Findings and Contributions

Work in progress is also welcome.

Please submit the Extended Abstract as a word document to Dr Victoria-Sophie Osburg and remove all information identifying the author(s) from the document before submission.  The deadline to submit your submission is Wednesday 15th August 2018.


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Further Information

A Thematic Symposium related to the Thought Leaders Forum on “Perspectives on ethical and sustainable luxury: Opportunities and inherent tensions” will be published in the Journal of Business Ethics (Submission deadline: 31st March 2019). Please note that submission to the Thematic Symposium is not dependent on attendance of the Thought Leaders Forum.

For questions and further details about this event please contact Professor Fraser Mcleay

Event Details

When: September 22, 2018 at 9:00am—4:00pm

Where: Endcliffe Vale Road, Sheffield, S10 3ER

Type: Alumni, Student, Business

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