Host a Masters student project

A student project at the Management School is when a Masters student (MSc or MBA) carries out their research dissertation project, as part of their studies, within an organisational setting. Students can work with your company on a particular issue or challenge set by you as the host organisation for a period of around 3-4 months. Projects are usually sourced by the Management School from September to November, to be undertaken by the student with your company the following summer.

About hosting a project

As an alumnus, this a chance for you to provide students with the opportunity to build upon their CV and gain experience of working on real business issues, helping them prepare for work in the graduate market.

For full details see our Business pages below on hosting a student project:

A great opportunity for an SME to access a new way of thinking and tackle a strategic subject in a modern, professional way.

Alastair Morris, Business Development Manager, Pryor Marking Technology